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Tela Vios
"C'monnn, don't you wanna see what's on TV? What we can take from TV?"

Tela (age 20) is a self-proclaimed "solo hero" and television enthusiast (as one could probably guess), known around Ryzen as simply "the TV girl." She didn't come up with the nickname herself, but wholly embraces it.

Being a self-titled hero, Tela has a decently strong sense of justice that she nearly never strays from. It doesn't exactly help in any way, but it is worth mentioning.

Tela's primary ability is one that's never been seen in the area, and a relatively complex one at that. To put it simply, her power is the ability to take objects out of screens. She also sports several other abilities, spells and such, many of which she taught to her cousin Haz.

This power has a few common limitations, which vary depending on the object being pulled and the source:

  • The object in use can't exceed the size of its source - for example, she can't just pull a full-sized sword out of a cellphone. It'll either end up coming out much smaller than intended, or not working at all.
  • No living beings can be removed from a screen. If it breathes, has a heartbeat or really any signs of life, it's untouchable.
  • If an object is removed from its screen for too long, Tela will start to have headaches and dizziness. Should this continue for too long, one might be able to observe her entire form wavering... That's just a rumor, though.
  • Known Abilities

    (wip: this is still haz stuff)

    Hyalomancy: As previously described, this is the ability to manipulate and create glass. The second half of this power usually manifests itself in the form of mirrors - specifically, small shards - when Haz uses it. Having Hyalomancy as an innate ability opens the door to much broader powers - Geomancy is the most obvious one.

    Resilience: Despite his lack of combat experience, Haz is unusually tough - not offensively, but defensively. This coupled with his other abilities would make him an incredible tank or support, if he ever bothered to fight.

    Reflect (khwiki): Reflect is a spell that raises a small barrier around its target, which shatters upon impact with something. It's a fantastic defensive tool, but very fragile. Even the slightest tap could set it off and leave the target open.

    Shifta + Deband: Shifta and Deband are two spells whose functions go hand-in-hand with each other. Shifta boosts a target's offensive abilities, while Deband boosts a target's defensive abilities. Each spell can be stacked twice - a technique referred to by Haz as Shiftra and Debanra.

    Esuna (khwiki): Esuna is a spell that would be able to cure certain effects.. if Haz had any experience actually using it. He knows what Esuna is, and how to cast it, but he never bothered to hone the ability.

    ?????: Haz sometimes mentions having "some stupid-strong super attack", but has yet to show any of it. It's possible he's just bluffing, but.. it's worth keeping an eye on, just in case.