Welcome to the Violet Vale.

This page contains all of my musical endeavors that I feel comfortable letting y'all listen to. I'm not gonna archive EVERYTHING though - there's a lot I don't like, and relatively limited space to fill. The content here is probably gonna be embedded from private YouTube uploads or something, since I know those won't go down on me.

Songs are separated by their time of creation - you can use the links below to go to a particular section.


(Copied and edited from the YouTube description)
Endless Depths is a remix of Sink (from Below the Depths) made for Sonic's Fandom Frenzy! to represent Labyrinth Zone EX, a ROM hack featuring several different water gimmicks in Labyrinth, one being a full-on flood.

Shinin' Sunset is the first song for my Funkin' mod, Sonic's Fandom Frenzy! It's being used to represent Sunset Hill, from Sonic Megamix v3.0.

Testimony is a joke cover I made of Lore from the Vs. OURPLE GUY Friday Night Funkin' mod. You can see gameplay of it in this Twitter thread. I'm never going to tell you why it exists.

please hold... is actually kinda vent music - I was working through some stuff in my head at the time and I really needed an outlet. It might not be up to par with my other work, but it's certainly something.

I think Haze's creation is when I finally found my footing when it came to purely instrumental music - or, more accurately, rediscovered my footing. I'd kinda found my niche.. won't stop me from experimenting, though.

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Better known as "the year I made the entire Diner Disaster OST. And some other stuff I guess"

Motivate is the Diner Disaster track I'm the least proud of. It's serviceable, but.. that's really it. Nothin' special about it.
Somewhat worth mentioning, though, is this little headcanon I had in mind while making it, which kind of explains the "plot" of the mod in the background. So, y'know how in every Funkin' mod, willing or not, people sing, right? Always? I always had this little thought that the Boyfriend had some little hidden power to motivate people through music - that's where the title's from.

Late is, surprisingly enough, the one I'm the most proud of despite most other people specifically mentioning Leave (the next song). I thought I was real clever using that OMORI critical hit sound at the time.. and I kind of still do? It's not special, of course, I just think it sounds neat.

Leave is probably objectively the best of the (currently) three Diner Disaster songs, and certainly the most fun to play - but I dunno. It kinda feels like something's missing to me.

This Genesis cover of the Helper to Hero rest area from Kirby Super Star Ultra was a sorta passion project - I love the original song, and I wanted to capture the feeling just right.

Murophobia (the fear of rodents) is a character theme I made for @kirbwithcrocs' OC Kiito - I tried really hard to capture the sorta "rat bitch energy" the character had, though I honestly think I could've done better.
psst hey kirb if you want me to redo this just lemme know, i'd LOVE to have an excuse

I'm still kinda proud of this cover of ASGORE - it's nothing special, I just like it.

ATAXOPHOBIA is a half-joke megalo meant for a half-joke fusion between Haz and the aforementioned Kiito.

Kleptomisia is a theme for Haz I made for a scrapped joke Undertale AU between myself and a Discord server I was in at the time. I still like it but it's a reminder of a weird time for me.

Floral Cliffside Zone's theme is based on an SRB2 level a friend of mine made. This is the updated version - the old one can be found here.

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Robotnik's Rematch (formerly "Roundabout Clash") is my love letter to classic Sonic bosses, motifing a few songs from the classic trilogy. The SoundCloud version is actually an updated version from this year (2022), but it's my preferred version so it's what you're getting.

Floral Cliffside Zone's theme is based on an SRB2 level a friend of mine made. There's an updated, hardware-accurate version from 2021 here.

Dive Through Animus is a hypothetical "boss" theme, for an old RP I was part of. This was back during the rampant copyright violation phase of my music making, so there's a bit of.. uh.. Sonic Forces in there.

Showstopper is another hypothetical "boss" theme. Not for anything in particular, just as a concept.

Skyward Aperture is another character theme, this time for Haz. I think it was meant to be used in "emotional" moments in RP back when I did that, but as it is now it's just.. a song. I'm still kinda proud of it, though. It was fun to make, and it was my first Haz theme that didn't contain blatant copyright infringement.

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